Today (2007/11/12), Google released it's new platform SDK and today (2007/11/12), Boozembly Disorganizing ports an old invitation to this new platform. Purpose of this port is to show how easily little demoscene productions can be made

Sorry, but this isn't maybe the best tutorial for the platform, as I have about two hours of experience with it. Also, the sound doesn't seen to be playing at all, I can see it opening the mixer, but no sound can be heard :)

Update 2007/11/14

Audio plays if emulator is started with "-useaudio" option, but it sounded distorted. Apparently android is not too happy with 8bit source audio. The source package is updated now to use 16bit .wav file (converted from 8bit, so its authentically lo-fi). Anyway, why is the audio off by default???

Source Code

Boozembly '04 - Android Platform source code

Original Version

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